Note: The conditions of leave of government employees subject to the exceptions provided for in this rule are governed by the provisions of Chapter VI of the Orissa Service Code. (a) the leave acquired under the above reservation if he had retired at the time of retirement, less the amount of such leave taken during the extension period; and 44. Excess leave under the 1972 CCS leave rules. 36. A transfer of leave from one organization to another in the case of permanent admission is not permitted. 43. Educational leave may be taken in different forms and combined with other types of leave. (iii) “year of service”, one year of continuous service and “three years of continuous service” means periods of continuous service of a term under the Government and includes periods of service and holidays, including extraordinary leave. (ii) four months in special cases, where such leave is confirmed by a medical certificate required by the rules; (c) In cases of emergency, the leave acquired as reduced in subparagraphs (a) and (b) of this article, except in the case of subordinate judges and Munsives, may be increased by one twenty-second of the period of service in a leave section. (i) Leave to work for the duration of service is limited to a maximum of 240 days, Note 6. The entries in columns 12 and 13 should only indicate the beginning and end of the years of service completed at the time of the start of the leave with half pay. If a government employee is performing another year of service during a half-paid leave, the additional credit must be indicated in columns 12 to 16 by appropriate additional entries, which must be taken into account to complete column 32.

08. Combination of CL with regular holidays, not allowed. Appendix 3. The old leave account of existing officials must be closed and the balance on 31.12.75 must be carried over to the new account in column 11. The balance may be rounded to the next day on 31.12.75. (a) Those who entered permanent service in the Province of Bihar and Orissa on or before August 31, 1932, and who have elected not to be subject to the regulations hereby repealed; (b) Where part of the leave has been taken in a given year, the period of reduction of the leave acquired shall be a fraction of fifteen days or thirty days in proportion to the ratio between the part of the leave taken and the total duration of the leave. 20. 45 days of abortion or miscarriage of maternity leave may be authorized for the entire duration of the service.56 For each year of service during which a staff member has taken leave, his or her earned leave shall be reduced as follows: 11. Compensatory leave may be accompanied by any type of leave.

Appendix 1. Unjustified leave should only be granted if the authority empowered to sanction the leave is satisfied that there is a reasonable prospect that the government employee will return to duty at the end of the leave and should be limited to half of the paid leave he or she is expected to earn thereafter. 45. Regularization of the period of exceeding the leave. (vii) `semi-paid leave` means leave accrued in respect of years of service completed in accordance with rule 9; Professional leave without medical certificate for studies recognized as being of public utility, limit to 180 days of half-paid leave counted as 90 days of commuting leave throughout the service (ii) “home-work leave” means leave taken in accordance with Rule 9, paragraph 3; (iv) `acquired leave` means leave acquired in respect of periods of service; 05. Apart from occasional leave, no other type of leave may be granted for half a day. (ii) where conversion leave is granted, twice the amount of such leave shall be deducted from the half-paid leave due. No. Number of days of other types of leave (H.P.L., Commuted Leave) Undue leave and E.O.L. (column 19+22+22C+30+33 taken during the previous calendar semester Daily commuting leave converted to half-paid leave (twice columns 22 and 22C) Note 5.

The period of extraordinary leave must be noted in red ink. 57. Statutory holidays cannot be wedged between statutory holidays and membership periods. Note 2. Where a staff member who has been granted leave not due under this clause requests authorization to retire voluntarily, the leave not due shall be cancelled when the authorization is granted. (i) during the extension period, the renewal period that was due for the extension period and, if applicable, for the extension period that could have been granted to him under the above-mentioned reservation had been withdrawn at the time of compulsory retirement; 35. Leave which has already been sanctioned cannot subsequently be treated as `dies-no`. 12. Occasional special leave cannot be caught between two periods of leave. (b) persons transferred from Madras who were not covered by the Madras Leave Rules 1933 and who did not elect to be subject to the rules repealed herein.

42. Conversion of leave is at the sole discretion of the authority responsible for the leave. (iii) In determining the duration of professional leave due for extension, with reference to article 7, account shall be taken of any acquired leave authorized under the above reservation. 10. A limited leave may be preceded or added to any regular leave. (v) “acquired leave” means the duration of leave acquired by an official on 31 March. July 1966 in accordance with the rules in force at the time, plus the number of vested leave calculated in accordance with rules 7, 8 and 10, less the number of vested leave taken and half of the special leave for invalidity with full pay authorized by the rule. 176 (g) of the Orissa Service Code, incorporated after 31 July 1966; (iii) The total duration of leave acquired and converted shall not exceed 240 days: (viii) “half-paid leave” means the number of half-pay leave calculated in accordance with rule 9 for all service, less the duration of leave for private affairs and leave on the basis of a medical certificate taken before 1 November; 1951 and half-paid leave taken on or after that date. (d) Leave may be taken in conjunction with or in continuation of any leave of any kind in accordance with these Rules, provided that the total duration of leave and leave accumulated with 180 days shall not exceed: (b) any leave acquired during the officially requested extension period for separation from service; in a timely manner during the extension and was denied public service; and 14.

Special leave is not allowed for tubectomy operations performed during maternity leave. 40. An officer must take up his duties at the beginning of the hours of work of the Office, at the end of his leave of earnings. 18. Maternity leave for a staff member who married a widower and had two surviving children. 51. Use of supplements incurred during the leave before EL. Page 39 Those who join in the afternoon of the first day of a month are not entitled to EL for that month. 24.

Maternity leave for miscarriage/abortion taken before 16.6.1994 is not taken into account. 41. Leave approved/regulated by the competent authority may not be challenged/revised by (i) for subordinate judges and munsives within fifteen days. 13. Special leave for family planning measures is taken after the implementation date. Appendix 4. The entries in column 6 must be made in full days. The fraction of a day is rounded to the next day.

33. AMAs designated by the GoC Local Coordinating Committees may also issue medical certificates to 38. The fraction of a day must be credited to the EL. Page 29 Maternity leave cannot be taken in instalments. 31. MC does not have to be signed by the physician on the day of the government employee`s illness. Other than medical certificate, limited to 180 days 47. No cash to pay the vacation advance for the month of March. Appendix 1. Leave earned must be expressed in days. 07. The combination of CL and HR is permitted for two consecutive years.

55. Refusal of holiday prefixes/suffixes for DDOs. (a) pulmonary tuberculosis either in a recognised sanatorium or in the place of residence of a tuberculosis specialist recognised as such by the administrative medical officer of the State concerned, or (vi) `Government` means the Government of the State of Orissa; (c) Leprosy in a recognized leprosy institution or by a district chief medical officer or leprosy specialist recognized as such by the administrative physician of the State concerned – Published in accordance with FD Communication No.

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