Then, the client, the agent and the two witnesses are identified on the basis of their respective identity documents: if you do not have the financial means to hire a lawyer or a professional in the field, you have other alternatives if you want to make a power of attorney to authorize a third party to perform legal and simple acts on your behalf. In other words, it can be defined as the letter granted to the third party for the execution of acts concerning the scope of the client`s administration, as well as cases related to disputes, property deeds and debt collection. This is part of the second functional peculiarity of the document and to be executed, it is usually acted quickly. Since trust is one of the main characteristics of the contracting authority and the trustee, in the event that the former loses the confidence of the latter, the revocation of that power of attorney must be included in the document. The first field or period correctly establishes the structure of the document, i.e. the physical parts of the power of attorney to distinguish it from other legal documents. With reference to this particularity, we would like to note that, in general, the wording of the document must be completely completed, that is, some information established in the law is not lacking. Therefore, it makes it possible to compromise, dispose, pledge or perform any act that goes beyond the normal management of the principal, which must be expressed in the document. Mentioned above, it is a legal document that is seen and applied in every country in the world. And it consists (in its basic definition) of authorizing the holder of a power of attorney for the representative to act lawfully on his behalf. In the specific case of the Venezuelan State, this document is usually expressed in the law known as the Civil Code. For this reason, article 1.684 of the Civil Code provides that a power of attorney or mandate is a contract in which a person is obliged, voluntarily and free of charge or by salary, to carry out transactions or other legal activities on behalf of another person who has delegated this responsibility to him.

This feature expresses the fact that the document can explicitly specify the functions or capabilities that the agent can perform on behalf of the sender. The action is carried out with the same notary before whom the document was drawn up or announced by registered letter acknowledging receipt of the communication. The drafting and drawing up of powers of attorney shall be carried out mainly for the purpose of carrying out administrative acts on behalf of the contracting authority, mainly for the purpose of carrying out procedures where the applicant cannot be present in two places at the same time. Similarly, the authorized representative must be asked to return or terminate the power of attorney in order to prevent future unlawful acts on behalf of the client that cause irreparable harm or disadvantage. Good night! With regard to condominiums. If the co-ownership document indicates that in the absence of an owner, a power of attorney is used to consider him both as a vote before deductions and for his participation in the council of co-owners. This power of attorney must be notarized, or can it proceed as legal with a simple power of attorney by mutual agreement without any verification? Regardless of the previous cases, the power of attorney or power of attorney must be drawn up with certain elements or parts of its structure, which are: Similarly, the signature of the participants or members of the power of attorney must be that specified in the identity document, and copies of these documents must be attached to the power of attorney. Likewise, you have complete freedom to withdraw the necessary money from my account No. 0102-0456-8978-7655 of the Bank of Venezuela.

These particularities are those that define the purpose and limitation of the document (as explained above), which is why they target the categories or terms of power of attorney documents that can be created. It may happen that in certain circumstances that arise legal problems or conflicts, the document can serve as proof of validity for the resolution of these conflicts. Therefore, if cases are expressed where the sender loses the trust of the third party, there is no need to revoke the document (if desired). Thus, it is very obvious that in this type of document the agent has a close relationship or a link with the client, such as: a parent (brother, son, father, husband, wife …), a close friend or a lawyer of great trust. It will be for a company or for certain companies or certain measures. In order to know how to write a simple power of attorney or how to write a power of attorney, it is necessary to consider each of the aspects discussed in the previous paragraphs, as well as the applicable laws relating to the nation of the applicant. It is granted for the execution of a transaction or an act or for certain transactions or certain and express actions. That is why it is generally observed how this type of document is written between people with very close affiliations or ties such as parents and children, spouses, siblings, very close friends and others. I, Fabiana María Pérez Ortiz, holder of identity card V-23.457.799, present and in perfect mental condition, confer on Mrs.

Beatriz Eugenia de Sánchez Ortiz, holder of identity card V-17.684.987, the specific, complete and sufficient authority to carry out the specific procedures entrusted to me in my name and on my behalf. They are: The above means that you can express specific rules detailed in the power of attorney that determine the authorized representative`s capacity to act. And in the Venezuelan case, in legal practice, these modalities or types of powers of attorney are: And it is also very common to visualize that if the procedure requires a significant economic amount, you will see the presence of greater precautions or requirements to validate the authorization granted to the power. Therefore, below you will introduce how to write a simple step-by-step power of attorney from the comfort of your location following the previous format. However, in the particular case of Venezuela, the creation of this type of documents is visualized mainly for the execution of actions such as: Therefore, it is important to grant such a permit before emigration to someone with the utmost confidence or to grant it once outside the people with whom the client feels safe to act according to their interests, without hurting him. In the legal sphere of Venezuela there are a large number of documents used to carry out various legal activities, in these documents there is the power of attorney that allows the execution of various procedures by a third party on behalf of another, if this is not possible. If you want to know more, read on! and learn how to write a simple power of attorney or authorization and all the information related to the subject of the article. Remember that in the general power of attorney, the mandatary has more freedom to act on behalf of the principal or to carry out certain legal activities.

Notes: Submit trade or incorporation register documents if they are signed on behalf of a company. However, it is important to know that both powers are subject to the provisions of the rules that govern them. And this law is a set of organized and systematized rules aimed at regulating the civil relations of natural, legal, private or public persons. Therefore, the agent is given to be responsible for the execution or execution of one or more particular actions. This shall be granted to the trustee for the execution of transactions or legal acts on behalf of the contracting entity in the context of administrative activities. Hello, when formulating a sentence, the writing goes on both sides of the sheet or on different sheets, I know it is so in the other documents, but this one makes me doubt. I want to give permission to a brother to sell houses These houses are in family succession For the execution of the issuance and certification of the power of attorney, the following documents must be registered: Therefore, the creation of this document can be created using a format template shown below: (Write down each of the features or activities that the agent can perform) Therefore, If the power of attorney document is not completed correctly, it may be rejected as valid.

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